Det. Sup. Amit Childs-Patel

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Det. Sup. Amit Childs-Patel is a 34 year old Somerset Police Detective from Southall, London, United Kingdom. Detective Superintendant Amit Childs-Patel, a brilliant and pragmatic investigator, quickly rose to prominence in the police forces as a herioc and brave officer. Fiercely protective of the city and exceptionally passionate regarding his line of work, Childs-Patel is constantly vigilant about the ever-growing conspiracy threating Somerset. Lacking in resources and under immense adminstrative pressure, he has agreed to work alongside Kelly Ester Nichols and the Katsura Corporation, for the time being. Partnering with Sup. Det. Childs Patel ensures a gameplay focused on upholding the law and seeking justice.[1]

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